Wednesday, 2 March 2011


At last a new update, it's been a little while. There is certainly a fair bit of action to report over the next few days, so to start with...

.. after the latest meeting with Toby, the first draft of all the remaining episodes will be ready by Monday for a meeting with Steve (producer). He and I reviewed the first draft of episode 4, at our classic meeting place the George Hotel, and all I can report so far is that Toby is on it. The plot, characters and magick deepens, I'm so excited. No, really I am.

Today was my second meet with Ben Howard at Tin Pan Alley, and we have put some foundation work into Credo's digital strategy, you can now follow it on twitter, facebook (check out the buttons on the left of this page) and the blog's url is now There is plenty going on behind the scenes and more on that soon, meanwhile check out Ben's business below.

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