Tuesday, 22 February 2011

heads up

Aside from listening to the multi talented Greg Blackman play at Tin Pan Alley last night, I also had the luxury of catching up with Kayleigh Jowers, a good friend and rising talent within the world of film Art Department. She's read the initial scripts and is keen to come onto the project. This is a coup, having worked as an Art Director myself, I know how important mise-en-scene is to any production and Kayleigh is highly resourceful, with a keen eye. I know this, not only from her ever increasing body of work that she has compiled, but also through working with her on the Magus 'Hyperstition' installation at Colchester Slack Space in 2009. To check out what was achieved with £500 click the image below.

Credo, itself, can be seen as an evolution of ideas, aesthetics and concepts from within Hyperstition. In fact a good perusal of the Magus blog would give you an indication of what you could expect from this production.

Thursday, 17 February 2011

a new hope

It's late I should be in bed, but feel compelled to post today's activity on Credo

Met with Steve Allenby, husband of Jenny (film accountant, emerging producer) to talk about him coming onto the project as a producer. Steve is perfect for the role, a very motivated and locally connected individual, who can organise, blag and sort out all kinds of events, gigs, and activities. It takes pressure off of me to have someone like this on-board, as I trust and respect that he can do the job, whether that's locking down and location, to raising potential production funds and making sure that there's a back up option. Good news

He's very aware of the narrative ideas and concepts, as he was involved with Jenny on the aborted (thanks Screen East) feature film project last year. It has not been a huge leap for him to comprehend what Toby and I are attempting to achieve.

This evening I met with Dave Matthams a local emerging talent, with excellent camera operation and cinematography skills. (check link) I've been struggling to work with him for almost 12 months and although he's keen on the project, he may not be in the country for much longer. He will be able to tell me either way as to whether he'll be about or not soon. Fingers crossed, but in the mean time check out his great video for Colchester's Kuru Smile

The Kuru Smile - And Yet I Still Walk Blind from Runaway on Vimeo.

self ordering universe

All that follows is being written from a rather groggy fuzzy head space, not induced from alcohol, but rather rest and recuperation from cycling everywhere instead of driving.

Met with Ben Howard of Cool Publicity, a local Colchester based PR and Marketing expert, specialising in social media. He's known for kicking start and organising the Colchester Free Festival last year. Ben is keen to come on-board to help get Credo made, using his skills to build awareness, gather support and from our conversation, help arrange some fund raising events.

We were both excited about the prospect of not only creating an intelligent and captivating series at a grass roots level, but also the musical involvement from some incredible local talent. This is something Ben feels personally engaged by, after his growing attempts to get this talent noticed. The soundtrack will be coordinated by Charles Hedger

Whilst we beaver away, and there are more important meetings today, I leave you with a selection of artists that have come aboard on board the project.

Irrelevant Live Summer 2010 by irrelevantsounds

15-2011 by Stuart Russell

The Mercury Man

so-called humans | Myspace Video

Wednesday, 16 February 2011


A productive meeting yesterday with Toby about the ongoing Credo narrative. We now have all 8 episodes mapped after a exciting creative splurge over Guinness and vodka & Red Bull (no, not at the same time, just each others preferred poison) It's really important for us to stay true to our main ideas, telling a story with interesting characters in an amoral world where we refuse to succumb to terms 'good' and 'bad'. Hints and clues are being intertwined within the complex character relationships, to hopefully create an engaging tapestry of drama (oh, such pretence) that allows us to have a discourse about the human condition, concepts, philosophy and ideas that we obsess about. A tall order for 8 six minute episodes, that will set the scene, characters, and the initial main plot. Bring on the production, I can't wait

Later the same day I was with the amazing Greg Blackman, funk/soul maestro and digital artist extraordinaire. He's been knocking up some character sketches and concept art. Although I'm worried his fantastic take on scenes from script could never be met with our budget. As soon as we've cast and found locations expect a surge of Credo art from this man. for now check out his first piece below.

Monday, 14 February 2011

It has begun

Finally I have time to soak into this project after finishing a full time lecturing contract. The relief

Where did Credo start?
Toby (Tobias) and I were working on an occult thriller feature film treatment through a Screen East funding scheme, until Screen east were no more, last year. Rather than lose momentum and with the clucking desire to get back behind the camera, I pitched him the idea of a home-grown webseries, based on the same themes and ideas we had already developed.

I must not forget to mention that this pitch was initiated by a series of strong mental pictures and scenes that had been increasingly populating my waking mind.
Further pitching to fellow creatives and script meetings with Toby have now led to the first 3 scripted episodes, some initial casting and signs of interest from an amazing roster of local bands, musicians and producers.

Still so much to do and organise, with script, concept art, PR and production meets arranged for this week. All to drive this media spell of a project forward.

An original goal of shooting monthly may have to fall by the wayside, and instead shoot all 8prospective episodes over a short a period as possible before June. It sates cast and crew availability and continuity issues.

What will credo be like?
a cross between The Pusher Trilogy, Holy Mountain and John Constantine: Hellblazer (comic book) served in approx 6 min episodes.

To give you some impression check out my directors showreel

Will Wright director's showreel from Rev Wright on Vimeo.

more to follow