Tuesday, 22 February 2011

heads up

Aside from listening to the multi talented Greg Blackman play at Tin Pan Alley last night, I also had the luxury of catching up with Kayleigh Jowers, a good friend and rising talent within the world of film Art Department. She's read the initial scripts and is keen to come onto the project. This is a coup, having worked as an Art Director myself, I know how important mise-en-scene is to any production and Kayleigh is highly resourceful, with a keen eye. I know this, not only from her ever increasing body of work that she has compiled, but also through working with her on the Magus 'Hyperstition' installation at Colchester Slack Space in 2009. To check out what was achieved with £500 click the image below.

Credo, itself, can be seen as an evolution of ideas, aesthetics and concepts from within Hyperstition. In fact a good perusal of the Magus blog would give you an indication of what you could expect from this production.

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