Friday, 29 April 2011

sounds for the hoodie

Stuart Russell has produced another draft of a track this time for the character Jason (The Hoodie) check it out below

Jason flynn (credo) by Stuart Russell

Sunday, 24 April 2011

moody music

Composer Stuart Russell has been at it again with another composition for Credo. Excellent

Didg (credo) by Stuart Russell

Thursday, 21 April 2011

more than meets the eye

I'm getting a little tired and that is a good thing considering the reasons why.
Reasons are the multitude of meetings that have been held to secure and shape up the production matters behind Credo. Before Toby and I are allowed the luxury of wallowing in the creative process of shooting the webseries, we have to be focused on more material matters. This ranges from investment packages, audience interaction, contracts and licenses, production breakdown etc etc. All this revolves around a hardcore grouping of Ben Howard, Andy Winmill, Helen Gore, Steven Allenby and Jenny Allenby, with additional involvement from Kayleigh Jowers (Art Director), Charles Hedger (Music supervisor) and Chris Longman (Post Production supervisor)

Blogging may be patchy, but rest assured that we are working hard to do justice to the script, a script that has all that have read it excited. Synopsis soon, I promise.

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

moving on up

Just a brief blog to mention the meeting held last night between Toby, Steve, Jenny and I, at our notorious haunt The George Hotel. It is one of two meetings this week that will shape and secure the production plan, the business model and much more. As Jenny put it 'this is an exciting and intelligent creative production model' and will involve solidifying the intent by setting up a production company to handle it. I've set up and run a company before and we are so lucky to have Jenny on board to aid this process. It's a big step, but one that seems to make a lot of sense if we are going to do this project justice.

All we need to do now is come up with a company name........

Sunday, 17 April 2011

something wicked this way comes

More music for your ears, Credo Music Supervisor Charles Hedger has posted an early composition for the webseries. It invokes for me elements of his work on The Ritual soundtrack that he wrote for my occult short film. Check it out this new piece for yourself

Credo Electric by CEdwardAlexander

Friday, 15 April 2011

many minds

Last night witnessed an amazing production meet with Steve Allenby, Andy Winmill, Helen Gore and I. Andy is an experienced actor on both stage and screen, with a wealth of production management and production skill. Last year he worked with Ben Howard to put on the Colchester Free Festival, and is working on it this year with Ben, he also manages a couple of bands including Cav OK, is putting together a theatre/art performance and setting up an actors company in Colchester. A busy man, with a passion for the local creative talent pool, but assured he has the time to join Credo. Helen is an experienced writer, marketer and all round PR goddess, those these are not the totality of her skills. She has had experience within film, including tales from her time in Cannes. Her advice and support will be crucial with securing funder, sponsorship, and effective portrayal of the concept and narrative.

It's a little hush hush right now, but Credo is fast becoming part of a new production model. As well as discussion over the webseries there is also much discussed over the business model. Top secret right now, but more will be revealed once the paperwork is in place.

The night was made complete by composer Stuart Russell delivering an early composition for Credo. Stuart is known for his modern electronic composition, with commissions across the country, even by his standards this is dark. check it out below

Intensamente (credo) by Stuart Russell

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

a cup of tea, thanks

is what I said in reply to Dan's offer of a hot beverage. Daniel Merrill is a tough person to pin down, due to his prolific work ethic. It is Easter and most music tutors would take a well earned rest, instead Dan is recording for two weeks on several projects. Thus unable to attend the first round of soundtrack meetings, it was left to me to explain the narrative, the aesthetic and the working practice.

I've liked Dan's work for some time and have hoped that we would get a chance to work together, his Flowers of Evil, takes an intellectual journey through violin, neo classicism and folk. An exotic and melancholic trip, that will bring something special to Credo

Another most excellent aspect to his output is the mighty Dead Rat Orchestra An incredible ensemble of music makers, who craft an eerie soundtrack to the future via the past.

Dan's response was encouraging, I just hope the script grabs him as it has others. Oh and the cup of tea was good too.

Monday, 11 April 2011

music makes you lose control

Something lovely to report. Last night saw the first assemblage of musicians, composers and producers keen to write original work for the Credo soundtrack. It was a very exciting mix, from death metal to burialesque minimalism. More meetings to come, will keep you posted and hopefully be able to reveal a full roster of those on board very shortly

Check out Steve Clouded Vision's sounds here, we both love the GOBLIN. He popped along with Jamie Irrelevant, and between them they bring such a great underground dance vibe.

Clouded Vision - Outside [2010 Cut] by Steve Clouded Vision (DJ)

Irrelevant - If This Should End (Clip) by irrelevantsounds

Sunday, 10 April 2011

all the aces

an ace up my sleeve

I present the final two Credo Tarot aces. The first, swords and cups, came fairly spontaneously, but these two took a little more head scratching to get right.



Saturday, 9 April 2011

aces high

Following on from the Major Arcana interpretations of key characters in Credo, I have started to design the the Minor Arcana too. The archetypal narrative within the Tarot will play a big part in how the series is made and portrayed, so if you fancy genning up on what is going on I suggest you look into The Thoth Tarot



Sunday, 3 April 2011

cross my palm with silver

Since the 2nd draft of the series is complete I decided to start sketching the Credo tarot deck, These cards are initially designed to depict characters, but they will also cover plot points. So without further ado I present: