Thursday, 21 April 2011

more than meets the eye

I'm getting a little tired and that is a good thing considering the reasons why.
Reasons are the multitude of meetings that have been held to secure and shape up the production matters behind Credo. Before Toby and I are allowed the luxury of wallowing in the creative process of shooting the webseries, we have to be focused on more material matters. This ranges from investment packages, audience interaction, contracts and licenses, production breakdown etc etc. All this revolves around a hardcore grouping of Ben Howard, Andy Winmill, Helen Gore, Steven Allenby and Jenny Allenby, with additional involvement from Kayleigh Jowers (Art Director), Charles Hedger (Music supervisor) and Chris Longman (Post Production supervisor)

Blogging may be patchy, but rest assured that we are working hard to do justice to the script, a script that has all that have read it excited. Synopsis soon, I promise.

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