Friday, 15 April 2011

many minds

Last night witnessed an amazing production meet with Steve Allenby, Andy Winmill, Helen Gore and I. Andy is an experienced actor on both stage and screen, with a wealth of production management and production skill. Last year he worked with Ben Howard to put on the Colchester Free Festival, and is working on it this year with Ben, he also manages a couple of bands including Cav OK, is putting together a theatre/art performance and setting up an actors company in Colchester. A busy man, with a passion for the local creative talent pool, but assured he has the time to join Credo. Helen is an experienced writer, marketer and all round PR goddess, those these are not the totality of her skills. She has had experience within film, including tales from her time in Cannes. Her advice and support will be crucial with securing funder, sponsorship, and effective portrayal of the concept and narrative.

It's a little hush hush right now, but Credo is fast becoming part of a new production model. As well as discussion over the webseries there is also much discussed over the business model. Top secret right now, but more will be revealed once the paperwork is in place.

The night was made complete by composer Stuart Russell delivering an early composition for Credo. Stuart is known for his modern electronic composition, with commissions across the country, even by his standards this is dark. check it out below

Intensamente (credo) by Stuart Russell

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