Tuesday, 12 April 2011

a cup of tea, thanks

is what I said in reply to Dan's offer of a hot beverage. Daniel Merrill is a tough person to pin down, due to his prolific work ethic. It is Easter and most music tutors would take a well earned rest, instead Dan is recording for two weeks on several projects. Thus unable to attend the first round of soundtrack meetings, it was left to me to explain the narrative, the aesthetic and the working practice.

I've liked Dan's work for some time and have hoped that we would get a chance to work together, his Flowers of Evil, takes an intellectual journey through violin, neo classicism and folk. An exotic and melancholic trip, that will bring something special to Credo

Another most excellent aspect to his output is the mighty Dead Rat Orchestra An incredible ensemble of music makers, who craft an eerie soundtrack to the future via the past.

Dan's response was encouraging, I just hope the script grabs him as it has others. Oh and the cup of tea was good too.

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