Thursday, 17 February 2011

self ordering universe

All that follows is being written from a rather groggy fuzzy head space, not induced from alcohol, but rather rest and recuperation from cycling everywhere instead of driving.

Met with Ben Howard of Cool Publicity, a local Colchester based PR and Marketing expert, specialising in social media. He's known for kicking start and organising the Colchester Free Festival last year. Ben is keen to come on-board to help get Credo made, using his skills to build awareness, gather support and from our conversation, help arrange some fund raising events.

We were both excited about the prospect of not only creating an intelligent and captivating series at a grass roots level, but also the musical involvement from some incredible local talent. This is something Ben feels personally engaged by, after his growing attempts to get this talent noticed. The soundtrack will be coordinated by Charles Hedger

Whilst we beaver away, and there are more important meetings today, I leave you with a selection of artists that have come aboard on board the project.

Irrelevant Live Summer 2010 by irrelevantsounds

15-2011 by Stuart Russell

The Mercury Man

so-called humans | Myspace Video

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