Monday, 14 February 2011

It has begun

Finally I have time to soak into this project after finishing a full time lecturing contract. The relief

Where did Credo start?
Toby (Tobias) and I were working on an occult thriller feature film treatment through a Screen East funding scheme, until Screen east were no more, last year. Rather than lose momentum and with the clucking desire to get back behind the camera, I pitched him the idea of a home-grown webseries, based on the same themes and ideas we had already developed.

I must not forget to mention that this pitch was initiated by a series of strong mental pictures and scenes that had been increasingly populating my waking mind.
Further pitching to fellow creatives and script meetings with Toby have now led to the first 3 scripted episodes, some initial casting and signs of interest from an amazing roster of local bands, musicians and producers.

Still so much to do and organise, with script, concept art, PR and production meets arranged for this week. All to drive this media spell of a project forward.

An original goal of shooting monthly may have to fall by the wayside, and instead shoot all 8prospective episodes over a short a period as possible before June. It sates cast and crew availability and continuity issues.

What will credo be like?
a cross between The Pusher Trilogy, Holy Mountain and John Constantine: Hellblazer (comic book) served in approx 6 min episodes.

To give you some impression check out my directors showreel

Will Wright director's showreel from Rev Wright on Vimeo.

more to follow

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