Thursday, 17 February 2011

a new hope

It's late I should be in bed, but feel compelled to post today's activity on Credo

Met with Steve Allenby, husband of Jenny (film accountant, emerging producer) to talk about him coming onto the project as a producer. Steve is perfect for the role, a very motivated and locally connected individual, who can organise, blag and sort out all kinds of events, gigs, and activities. It takes pressure off of me to have someone like this on-board, as I trust and respect that he can do the job, whether that's locking down and location, to raising potential production funds and making sure that there's a back up option. Good news

He's very aware of the narrative ideas and concepts, as he was involved with Jenny on the aborted (thanks Screen East) feature film project last year. It has not been a huge leap for him to comprehend what Toby and I are attempting to achieve.

This evening I met with Dave Matthams a local emerging talent, with excellent camera operation and cinematography skills. (check link) I've been struggling to work with him for almost 12 months and although he's keen on the project, he may not be in the country for much longer. He will be able to tell me either way as to whether he'll be about or not soon. Fingers crossed, but in the mean time check out his great video for Colchester's Kuru Smile

The Kuru Smile - And Yet I Still Walk Blind from Runaway on Vimeo.

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