Wednesday, 16 February 2011


A productive meeting yesterday with Toby about the ongoing Credo narrative. We now have all 8 episodes mapped after a exciting creative splurge over Guinness and vodka & Red Bull (no, not at the same time, just each others preferred poison) It's really important for us to stay true to our main ideas, telling a story with interesting characters in an amoral world where we refuse to succumb to terms 'good' and 'bad'. Hints and clues are being intertwined within the complex character relationships, to hopefully create an engaging tapestry of drama (oh, such pretence) that allows us to have a discourse about the human condition, concepts, philosophy and ideas that we obsess about. A tall order for 8 six minute episodes, that will set the scene, characters, and the initial main plot. Bring on the production, I can't wait

Later the same day I was with the amazing Greg Blackman, funk/soul maestro and digital artist extraordinaire. He's been knocking up some character sketches and concept art. Although I'm worried his fantastic take on scenes from script could never be met with our budget. As soon as we've cast and found locations expect a surge of Credo art from this man. for now check out his first piece below.

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